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AmWells is a tool for design of water supply and dewatering borefields

Amwells Analytical modelling of aquifer test

AmWells implements the principle of superposition for quick calculating piezometric heads and drawdowns in any location within the aquifer.

The use of analytical approach to simulating pumping wells (drawdown prediction) in some cases has a significant advantage over the numerical modelling. Read more...

In borefield design the module helps to optimise

- quantity of pumping and monitoring wells,
- pumping rates, and
- well locations and distances between wells.

AMWELLS can also be used for environmental impact assessments, as it will calculate transient drawdown at environmental receptors as their response to pumping.

Borefield layouts can be assigned either manually or automatically. Automatic set up of a borefield is based on layouts of various geometry (i.e. linear, rectangular, polygon) or their combination. Production and monitoring wells may penetrate one or several horizons with possible accounting for partial penetration. Modelling results are presented in tabular and graphical formats with 2D and 3D animation of transient aquifer piezometry if required. Module is based on windows operating system.

Workflow for modelling with AmWells

Step 1. Define conceptual scheme, boundaries, their types and model dimensions
Step 2. Specify aquifer properties
Step 3. Input pumping and observation wells . Specify constant or variable pumping rates
Step 4. Run the model
Step 5. Plot the results. Use interactive help system to plot well hydrographs, interpolated contours or piezometric head/drawdown maps

Features gallery

create pumping well system

Well imput

step test with variable rate

Pumping rate setup

recharge and no-flow boundary pumping test

Flow boudaries

time-drawdown plot

Results: well hydrographs

hydrogeological cross-section

Results: hydrogeological cross-sections

cone of depression aquifer test

3D visualisation

Case Studies

Water supply for the city of St Petersburg

Client: The municipality of St Petersburg
Objective: Plan sustainable water supply from the Vendian Aquifer, the main source of water for the city of St Petersburg
Method: The AMWELLS module of ANSDIMAT was used to model production in the borefield since 1946 (start of production) and determine the effective parameters of the aquifer. The parameters were used for planning groundwater supply over the next decades

Well field optimisation for water supply from an artesian aquifer

Client: Water and juice production company, Russia
Objective: Determine the minimum amount of production wells and the minimum distance between them to sustain the required water supply while not exceeding the permitted drawdown
Method: Test different wellfield configurations in an analytical model (AMWELLS)