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These video tutorials will help you to work with several ANSDIMAT modules.

Module AnsPit: Predictions of groundwater inflow to an open pit

This video illustrates how to use ANSDIMAT to assess optimum pumping rates in dewatering wells around the open pit contour.

Module AnsTrack: Wellhead Protection Areas Calculations (WHPA)

The tutorial explains how to delineate wellhead protection areas (WHPA) using ANSDIMAT. The software calculates time-dependent travel zones, and geographic boundaries to determine the area that could influence groundwater. Your model may include a various number of interacting pumping wells.

Module AmWells: tool for design of water supply and dewatering borefields

This video shows how to calculate and display drawdown maps that are resulted from operation of several pumping wells/well systems.

Module AnsRadial: 2D radial groundwater flow simulations in multi-layer aquifer systems

The video tutorial illustrates how to design a radial numerical model using ANSDIMAT. 2-D (radial) numerical groundwater flow models are required when hydrodynamic concepts are too complex to be modelled by analytical solutions.

Module AnsTest: interpretation of aquifer test

This video will guide you through data input and interpretation of a slug test using ANSDIMAT.