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Ansdimat Demo has a limited functionality and operates only with the pre-setup projects


The following projects are included:

1. For aquifer test interpretation (AnsTest):
- SAMPLE1 – constant rate pumping test in a homogeneous confined aquifer;
- SAMPLE2 – variable-rate pumping test with several pumping wells;
- SAMPLE3– pumping and recovery test in a homogeneous confined aquifer;
- SAMPLE4 – slug test.

2. For analytical modelling of well systems (AmWells):
- AMWELLS-TEST – analytical model of a pumping test with one production and several monitoring wells.

3. Hydrogeologist Workbench (AnsQuick):
- Drawdown estimates for selected conceptual models;
- Radius of influence;
- Tables of parameters.

Demo version does not include the modules AnsTrack (Capture Zones Delineation), AnsPit (Mine Inflows and Dewatering), AnsRadial (Numerical Modelling of Radial Flow), AnsAem (Analytical elements) or A-Conc (Mass-transport).

Attention: the Menu of the Demo version corresponds to the version 15 of ANSDIMAT. The current version 17 has a more advanced and user-friendlier menu.

We understand that our pre-setup project cover only a part of ANSDIMAT applications. We are happy to set up user-specific projects on your request to be interpreted with Demo version.
We can also provide you a remote access to a fully functional ANSDIMAT license for a limited time (trial period)..

Please fill the form below. The link to Ansdimat Demo will be sent to you by e-mail in the next 24 hours.

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