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AnsRadial is a simple tool for 2D radial groundwater flow simulations in multi-layer aquifer systems

radial flow model for pumping test. layered systems

The module is used for numerical modelling of pumping tests from a radial aquifer. The pumping well can be partially screened, fully screened, or have multiple screens.

AnsRadial is applied when hydrogeological conditions are too complex to be modelled analytically. The module is designed for finite-difference simulation of 2D axi-simmetric groundwater flow in the vicinity of a pumping well. Typical applications include simulation of aquifer tests with simultaneous pumping from different horizons in multi-layer aquifers. Pumping or injection wells can be partially screened, fully screened or have multiple screens.

AnsRadial is a user-friendly pre- and postprocessor for 2D (vertical and radial dimensions) numerical modelling codes MODFE (USGS) and RADFLOW (G.S. Johnson, D.M. Cosgrove, Idaho Water Resources Research Institute). Module is designed for the Windows operatingfor the Windows operating system.

Video tutorials: AnsRadial numerical modelling of aquifer test

Case Studies

Interpretation of pumping tests using numerical models for conditions of high variability of hydraulic properties in profile (alluvial aquifer)

Client: Paks II. Ltd (Hungary)
Objective: Determination of vertical distribution of hydraulic properties in the alluvial aquifer
Method: The aquifer test was interpreted using ANSDIMAT numerical module for radial flow simulations