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Interpretation of packer tests in fractured schists, Olimpiada open pit in the Krasnoyarsk region (Russia)

Client: Polyus Gold
Objective: Determination of hydraulic conductivity in low-permeable schist formations
Method: Lugeon test tool in Hydrogeologist Workbench

Interpretation of a step-drawdown test to plan for a constant rate pump test in St-Petersburg

Client: Municipal government of St-Petersburg, Russia
Objective: Determine well efficiency and optimal pumping rate for a constant rate pump test
Method: Interpretation of step-drawdown tests in ANSDIMAT+

Slug tests in packer-isolated intervals for planning Radioactive waste disposal (Krasnoyarsk region, Russia)

Client: Russian state company
Objective: Determination of hydraulic conductivity changes with depth in fractured gneiss rocks
Method: Interpretation of slug-tests on packer-isolated intervals

Determination of river bed conductance by monitoring data. Nuclear energy construction site, Hungary

Client: Government of Hungary
Objective: River bed conductance is required for numerical model to predict inflow into excavations
Method: The required parameters were determined from analysis of long-term records of shallow water table in monitoring wells and Danube River hydrograph


Water supply for the city of St Petersburg

Client: The municipality of St Petersburg
Objective: Plan sustainable water supply from the Vendian Aquifer, the main source of water for the city of St Petersburg
Method: The AMWELLS module of ANSDIMAT was used to model production in the borefield since 1946 (start of production) and determine the effective parameters of the aquifer. The parameters were used for planning groundwater supply over the next decades

Well field optimisation for water supply from an artesian aquifer

Client: Water and juice production company, Russia
Objective: Determine the minimum amount of production wells and the minimum distance between them to sustain the required water supply while not exceeding the permitted drawdown
Method: Test different well field configurations in an analytical model (AMWELLS)


Depressurization study at Porgera gold mine, Papua New Guinea

Client: The Porgera Joint Venture
Objective: Plan depressurisation tests on pit benches
Method: Hydrogeologist Workbench of ANSDIMAT was used to predict pore pressure reduction caused by Horizontal Drain Holes

Calculation of pit inflows for different stages of Life of Mine

Client: KAZ Minerals (Copper deposit in Kazakhstan)
Objective: Calculate inflows into an open pit at different stages of mine schedule
Method: "Pit inflow" dialog box in ANSDIMAT Hydrogeologist Workbench

Optimisation of dewatering schedule for iron ore mining, Western Australia

Client: Iron ore mining company, Australia
Objective: Optimise operation of an existing dewatering borefield for the pit development schedule
Method: AMWELLS model was developed and calibrated to water level measurements. The model was then used for management and optimisation of dewatering operations


Interpretation of pumping tests using numerical models for conditions of high variability of hydraulic properties in profile (alluvial aquifer)

Client: Paks II. Ltd (Hungary)
Objective: Determination of vertical distribution of hydraulic properties in the alluvial aquifer
Method: The aquifer test was interpreted using ANSDIMAT numerical module for radial flow simulations