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Module A-CONC. The module A-CONC is used for prediction of 1D and 2D contaminant migration by analytical methods. ANSDIMAT help system provides details and references of analytical solutions that are incorporated in the software

1D and 2D contaminant migration by analytical methods

Modelling of contaminant transport by analytical methods has limitations in the quantity of parameter zones and the complexity of boundaries. However, it includes a number of advantages, compared to numerical models, such as absence of numerical dispersion and short time for model setup.

A-CONC module includes solutions for both porous media and fractured aquifer systems with double porosity storage.

The following processes can be simulated:
• Piston flow (convective contaminant transport in groundwater);
• Dispersion (time-constant and time-variable);
• Diffusion;
• Decay; and
• Sorption (linear/non-linear, equilibrium/non-equilibrium).

Contamination sources can be input in linear, areal or volumetric shapes and modelled as time-constant or pulse.

A-CONC is commonly used for:
• Groundwater quality impact assessments from waste disposals, spills, ponds and other actual or potential contamination sources;
• Design of seepage barriers for groundwater protection;
• Interpretation of mass-transport parameters from field tracer tests and sorption/diffusion laboratory tests;
• Prediction of water quality during water supply borefield operation;
• Hydrogeology assessments for design of underground waste disposals, including radionuclide waste disposals design.