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We are currently providing three types of training for hydrogeologists:

1) Two-days training course in St-Petersburg (Russia). This course is free of charge and provides basic training for first-time ANSDIMAT users. The course is a mix of theory on aquifer test interpretation/analytical modelling and practical exercises with ANSDIMAT. The course runs every second month and the next course is usually announced on the ANSDIMAT linkedIn company page. Please feel free to enquire about the next course date. The course is delivered in Russian with limited translation in English available for non-Russian speakers.

2) Customer-tailored training. These courses are organized on request and focus on topics specific to the customer. The courses can be delivered in-person or online, in Russian or English. Customer data used in the course as examples or for the purpose of training are treated as confidential and used only for the specific course

3) University courses for hydrogeologists. We support use of ANSDIMAT in high education. We provide one licence free of charge per university for teaching and research purposes and more licences can be purchased at a discounted price. We also give free advice on tutorials and assignments and we can share training material that was used for teaching.

ANSDIMAT Training Courses