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The dialog window "Plot" is accessed from the Observation point mode and the Model grid mode. In the Observation point mode, drawdawn (piezometric head) versus time plots may be generated for any specified observation location. In the Model grid mode, this option allows drawing hydrographs and profiles based on the AMWELLS results for a model grid.

Button “Plot” in the Toolbar menu.




Tab "Plot"

Displays a calculated hydrograph/profile plot

Tab "Table"

Displays the results in a tabulated form

Column "No"

Index number of a measurement/observation

Column "Time" or "Distance"

Elapsed time (in days) for a hydrograph plot. Distance from the observation location on the plot for a profile plot (Model grid mode only)

Column "Value"

Drawdown or piezometric head value (in meters)

Column "lg(X)"

Logarithmic value for either Time or Distance

Column "lg(Y)"

Logarithmic value for either drawdown or piezometric head

Column "No x"

Index number of a model cell in the X-direction (for the Model grid mode only)

Column "No y"

Index number of a model cell in the Y-direction (for the Model grid mode only)

Tab "Option"

Specifies whether piezometric head or drawdown is plotted. Defines axes types, formats and scale

Frames "Bottom" or "Left axis"

Specifies the coordinate axes settings

Option "Redraw"

Redraws the graph and deletes the previous plot

Option "Show a block value"

Shows the value for the selected cell by a green horizontal line on the plot

Option "Plot piezometric head"

When this option is checked in the Hydrograph mode, hydraulic head versus time is plotted. For the unchecked option, drawdown versus time is plotted

Buttons "X-plot", "Y-plot"

In the Model grid mode, this option plots a profile in the X (Y)-direction through the mouse cursor position

Button "t-plot"

Plots a hydrograph for an observation point at either selected model cell (Model grid mode) or selected observation location (Hydrograph mode)

Button "Profile"

Plots  profiles based on the AMWELLS results for a model grid (Model grid mode). The window is opened by clicking "Profile" button from the tab "Plot" of the "Plot" Toolbar menu. At least two cells must be selected for plotting a profile to enable this option. Cells are highlighted by a white color

Button "Add"

This option is enabled only in the Model grid mode. It adds the piezometric head or drawdown value at the selected cell location to the plot. The mouse cursor location is highlighted by a blue color on the graphical interface window and shown as cell coordinates in the frame below the Toolbox menu. After the selection, the cell changes to a white color and, when two cells are selected, a connection line is drawn along which a piezometric (drawdown) profile is calculated. If the option "Connection" is checked (Tab "Option"), the white points are automatically connected by a line. To connect them manually, use the button "Connect" on the right side of the plot panel

Button "Delete"

Deletes the last highlighted point from the plot

Button "Clear"

Deletes the entire plot. In the Model grid mode all profile observation points are deleted

Button "Close"

Exits the "Plot" dialog window

Button "Apply"

Applies changes to the plot

Button "Copy"

Copies the first two active columns ("Time"/"Distance" and "Value") from the tab "Table" on the Clipboard, so they can be pasted somewhere else

Button "Load"

Loads a tab- or space-delimited  ASCII file with existing heads (drawdown) versus time or distance and adds the data to the plot

Button "Save"

Saves the plotted data as a table in an ASCII file format