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Model parameters

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Model parameters

This dialog window requires specification of hydraulic properties and an analytical solution for modeling.

– button “Model parameters” in the Toolbar menu.




Tab "Hydraulic properties"

Defines hydraulic properties for the model. Type and number of parameters depends on the selected conceptual scheme

Tab "Options"

Selection of analytical solution for the defined conceptual scheme

Confined aquifer (line source)

Hantush and Moench solutions

Unconfined aquifer

Neuman and Moench solutions

Pumping near river

Hantush and Shestakov solutions

Heterogeneous aquifer

Maksimov and Fenske solutions

Frame "z"

Depth of observation level (in meters from the model top). This field is required for the conceptual schemes with partially penetrating wells

Button "Recalculate"

Launches the information window that is explained below

Button "Scheme"

This is the information window explaining the used conceptual scheme. The window does not allow editing




This is an information window that shows other parameters (such as transmissivity) that are calculated from the entered hydraulic properties values.