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The ANSDIMAT Educational License is provided free of charge to universities for teaching and non-commercial research purposes. It offers all the functionalities of a standard license but it can be installed on only one desktop or laptop computer. Standard Licenses can be purchased at full price for commercial purposes. Only one Educational License can be provided to an educational department.

To request an Educational License, please provide us with a formal request from the Head of Department. A scanned and emailed copy of the original letter is accepted. Upon reception of the letter, instructions will be provided to install the Educational License. This will require the collect of information about the computer on which the license will be installed. The Educational License will be specific to the selected computer: it will only install and function on the selected computer.

It is recommended to install the license on a laptop or a desktop. It is recommended NOT to install the Educational license on a virtual machine or a server. It is not possible to install the Educational License on a device.

To familiarise yourself with ANSDIMAT, feel free to install the Demo version prior to requesting an Educational License.

To request ANSDIMAT Educational License contact us by email