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Slug test

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Slug test

Slug test


In slug test a small volume of water is poured to (or suddenly removed from) the well, after which the subsequent water level recovery to the initial value is measured in the same well or observation well.


Available solutions


Cooper’s solution (confined aquifer, fully penetrating well)

Picking’s solution (confined aquifer, fully penetrating well, non-instantaneous change of initial head)

Bouwer-Rice’s solution (unconfined aquifer, well of full or partial penetration)

Hvorslev’s solutions (a set of solutions for confined and unconfined aquifers and different wellbore constructions)

Fissured aquifer

Partially penetrating well

Sageev's solution (skin, fully penetrating well)

Dougherty-Babu's solution (skin, partially penetrating well)


For slug test analysis the following data should be entered into the Editor: recovery log (time and water level biuldup measurements), maximum drawdown (that is initial jump of hydraulic head), pumping well radius. For partially penetrating pumping well it is necessary to specify the screen length and vertical distance from the middle of the screen to the aquifer top or water level. If Picking’s solution is applied, time of pumping/recovery should be specified.



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