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Data input

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Data input

All observation data and test-related parameters are entered into relevant tables with the editor. Buttons in the "Data input" tabbed dialog open specific tables to input data:

"Time (pumping)" – pumping time at which drawdown was measured,

"Drawdown" – drawdown observation time series,

"Constant rate" – constant pumping rate,

"Variable rate" – variable pumping rate, when applicable,

"Distance" – distances to pumping wells from each observation well,

"Screen level" – vertical distance between the screen centers,

"Well design" – additional info on position and construction of wells,

"Time (recovery)" – time of recovery measurements,

"Recovery" – recovery observation time series,

"Last drawdown" – drawdown at the end of pumping,

"t - s" – time series of observation data. This table can be used as a auxiliary tool to facilitate data input and format before inserting data in "Drawdown" and "Recovery" tables.


Use right-click mouse for exchanging information between external data spreadsheets (or text files) and ANSDIMAT editor:


Explanatory table

Menu "Copy"

Copies to clipboard the values in selected cells

Menu "Paste"

Pastes values from the clipboard to the table. After pasting time of measurements the table size is automatically increased, if required

Menu "Cut"

Removes values in selected cells and copy them to clipboard


Values in the table are selected with the mouse. If the values are selected with shift + right-click mouse, mathematical operations are automatically performed on them (see tabbed dialog "Options").