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Bouwer-Rice’s solution

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Bouwer-Rice’s solution

Bouwer-Rice’s solution for slug test in unconfined aquifer



aquifer is unconfined, isotropic, of infinite lateral extent;

pumping well is partially penetrating;

drawdown is estimated in the pumping well.


Slug test in unconfined isotropic aquifer in partially penetrating well.


Unsteady-state flow equation

where radius of investigation (R) is calculated for partially penetrating well

and for fully penetrating well it reads

A1, A2, A3 – dimensionless parameters depending from the well screen length and diameter of the pumping well.


Plot for dimensionless parameters A1, A2, A3 estimation.


Methods of analysis and parameters being estimated





straight line 1)

1) the straight line starts from the origin of coordinates.