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ANSDIMAT consists of four principal modules:

1) Aquifer test analysis and interpretation (ANSDIMAT+);

2) Analytical modelling of well fields (AMWELLS);

3) Numerical modelling of radial flow (ANSRADIAL); and

4) Hydrogeologist workbench (ANSQUICK) - quick assessment of groundwater drawdowns, mounding and other groundwater functions.

All four modules can be accessed through the "File" menu. Toolbar items are used for ANSDIMAT+ and they become active when the Aquifer test interpretation module is operating. The modules ANSDIMAT+ and ANSRADIAL can be operated simultaneously. However, ANSRADIAL or ANSDIMAT+ modules will automatically closed after AMWELLS starts. ANSQUICK module can be used simultaneously with any or all of  the other three modules.



ANSDIMAT main menu



Menu "File"

Menu "Aquifer test analysis"

Analysis and interpretation of aquifer tests using published analytical solutions and Laplace transformations

Menu "Analytical models"

Analytical modelling of borefield operations using drawdown superposition methods. The module also includes particle tracking and assessment of well head protection zones

Menu "Numerical models"

Numerical modelling codes RADFLOW and MODFE

Menu "Hydrogeologist workbench"

Simplified calculations of drawdown and other hydrogeological functions and parameters. The module also contains calculation of well efficiency and inflows to open pit

Menu "Language"

Selection of language for the program interface and help system

Menu "Exit"

Exit from the program

Menu "Window"

Arrangement of active windows

Menu "Help"

ANSDIMAT help system, list of references and table of hydrogeological properties

Menu "Contents"

Content-sensitive help system

Menu "About ANSDIMAT"

Brief information about ANSDIMAT software

Menu "Parameters"

Dialog box for calculating parameters that are commonly used in hydrogeology (such as leakage factor, density, etc.)

Menu "Functions"

Dialog box for calculating special mathematical functions that are used in ANSDIMAT analytical equations (e.g. Bessel function)

Menu "Coordinates"

Calculates distances between two points using their input coordinates in UTM coordinate system

Menu "Unit converter (part 1)"

Converter for units that are commonly used in hydrogeology

Menu "Unit converter (part 2)"

Converter for physical units (i.e. mass, time etc.)

Menu "Tables"

List of hydrogeological properties from literature sources