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The ANSDIMAT software is designed for aquifer test analysis and analytical modeling of well systems. Calculations are based on analytical and graphical (or type curve) methods. They include solutions that are most commonly applied in groundwater practice. Most solutions take into account plan or profile boundaries, and they can be applied to one or several pumping wells with time-constant or time-variable pumping rates. Interpretation can be conducted for both, drawdown and recovery, periods.

ANSDIMAT also includes a numerical code for radial flow simulations and tools for solving inverse problems.


ANSDIMAT code includes:

analytical solutions for field aquifer test analysis, including: DELAY2 (Neuman, 1986), DP_LAQ (Moench, 1990), WTAQ2 and WTAQ3 (Moench, 1997), STLK1 and STWT1 (Barlow and Moench, 1998), WHI (Zhan and Zlotnik, 2001), WTAQ v.2 (Barlow and Moench, 2011);

graphic analytical solutions for field aquifer tests analysis by methods of straight-line (more than 100 solutions) and type curves (more than 40 modifications of type curves can be built by the program);

an editor for test data log input and creating files in ANSDIMAT format;

a graphical processor for diagnostic plot construction (about 40 variations of plots for time-drawdown, distance-drawdown and time-distance- drawdown methods);

data export and import through a clipboard, EXCEL or ASCII-files;

UCODE_2005 program (Poeter and Hill, USGS, 2006) for applications to inverse problems in aquifer test interpretations;

AMWELLS – analytical modelling module;

ANSQUICK – hydrogeologist workbench, that includes useful tools and parameters for quick groundwater assessments and calculations;

the MODFE (USGS, and RADFLOW (G.S. Johnson, D.M. Cosgrove, Idaho Water Resources Research Institute, programs and their graphical interfaces for simulation of 2D axis-symmetrical numerical flow;

Help system on ANSDIMAT modules application supplied with a detailed description of analytical functions / and equations.


ANSDIMAT is developed by the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for Environmental Geology (St Petersburg Division) in collaboration with Saint Petersburg State University. Outside of Russia and former USSR, ANSDIMAT is exclusively distributed by Neva Geoscience Consulting Pty Ltd (Australia).


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