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Legend creation

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Legend creation

The "Legend" dialog box allows to create the model legend and assign successive numbers to color-coded classes.

- call button in the graphic editor window.



"Legend" dialog boxes.


Explanatory table

"Legend" tab

Dialog for legend displaying and editing

"Options" tab

Managing the legend view

"Rectangle height" text box

Vertical size of the colored rectangle

"Rectangle width" text box

Horizontal size of rectangle of the selected color

"Space" text box

Distance between the rectangles in the legend

"Distance to number" text box

Distance from the rectangle to its explanation number

"Orientation" list box

Selects the horizontal or vertical orientation of the rectangles

"Number alignment" list box

The rectangle number left, right or central alignment

"Border width" text box

Rectangle border width

"Border color" button

Selects the rectangle border color

"Backcolor" button

Selects the "Legend" tab background color

"Save" button

Saves the legend in bmp format

"Redraw" button

Redraws the legend

"Clear" button

Creates new legend. The previous legend is erased

"Font" button

Selects the font for the rectangle number

"Insert" button

Adds a new rectangle having the color of the current block or node


Rectangles in the "Legend" tab are moved by mouse.