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Linear source

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Linear source

Partially penetrating well: LINEAR SOURCE IN A CONFINED AQUIFER


Pumping and observation wells are partially penetrating. The length of the pumping well screen is less than aquifer thickness. The aquifer is, by default, anisotropic (Kz is different from Kr), however the presented formulas in this chapter, for simplicity, describe isotropic aquifer. Drawdown can be calculated for observation wells and piezometers (i.e. small diameter pipe that is open only at its bottom).

In case of anisotropic aquifer the following substituting should be made:


Conceptual schemes


Aquifer of infinite extent and thickness

Semi-infinite aquifer

 Recharge boundary

 No-flow boundary

Bounded aquifer

 Recharge boundaries

 No-flow boundaries

 Combination of a recharge and a no-flow boundaries

Aquifer bounded in the horizontal plane and thickness

Semi-infinite aquifer

Replace aquifer