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Horizontal fracture

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Horizontal fracture

Pumping well intersects a horizontal fracture



aquifer is confined, isotropic, of infinite lateral extent;

fracture of a specified radius and parallel to the aquifer bottom;

pumping well fully penetrates the aquifer is in the center of the fracture;

drawdown is calculated for any location within of the aquifer;

fracture aperture can be taken into account.



Well intersecting a horizontal fracture: cross-section and 3D and plan view.


Unsteady-state flow equations

1. Solution accounting for the fracture aperture

2. Solution for a zero-thickness fracture


Estimated parameters: horizontal (kr) and vertical (kz) hydraulic conductivity, specific storage (Ss) of a confined aquifer. The fracture diameter (Lf) and distance from the aquifer top to the fracture (zf) are supplementary parameter to be specified. For solution including the fracture storage capacity fracture thickness must be specified (mf).