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Vertical fracture

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Vertical fracture

Pumping well in a vertical fracture



aquifer is confined, isotropic, of infinite lateral extent;

fracture of a limited length has a height equal to the aquifer thickness;

pumping well fully penetrates the aquifer is in the center of the fracture;

observation well fully penetrates the aquifer;

flow towards the fracture is pseudoradial or linear (normal to fracture);

storage capacity of the fracture is not taken into account.



Well intersecting a vertical fracture. The figure above shows the cross-section, the figure below – 3D and plan view.



Pseudoradial flow towards fracture (left) and linear flow towards fracture.


Lp – horizontal distance from the observation well the fracture specified in the "Boundary" column of the "Well" editor.


Unsteady-state flow equations

1. Pseudoradial flow towards fracture


2. Linear flow towards fracture


Estimated parameters: transmissivity (T) and hydraulic diffusivity (a) of confined aquifer. The fracture length (Lf) is a supplementary parameter to be specified.