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Solver parameters

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Solver parameters

The "Run RADFLOW" dialog box allows to input calculation parameters, create the input file and run the program.

The dialog box is launched from the main menu "Numerical models > RADFLOW > Run RADFLOW".


"Run RADFLOW" dialog box.


Explanatory table

"Pump discharge" text box

Assigns the rate of the pumping well, m3/day

"Initial head" text box

Assigns the initial hydraulic head (m). The hydraulic head is counted from the model bottom. In case it is lower than the top of the model, unconfined aquifer conceptual scheme is automatically applied

"Closure criteria" text box

Input accuracy for calculation

"Borehole storage" option

Takes (or not) into account the borehole storage capacity

"Initial time step" text box

Initial time step for modeling

"Maximum modeling time" text box

Total modeling time

"Time step multiplier" combo box

Time step increment value

"Apply" button

Calculates time steps and displays them in a table


Shows the time step number and time (in days), for which the calculation is made

"Run" button

Runs RADFLOW program. Changes made in the dialog box are saved and input file is created automatically

"Close" button

Closes the dialog box without saving data