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Bounded aquifer

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Bounded aquifer

Point source in a bounded aquifer



aquifer is confined, anisotropic on the vertical plane, bounded on the vertical or horizontal plane;

boundaries: two lateral or profile straight, parallel boundaries of infinite length;

drawdown in the aquifer can be calculated at any distance from the pumping well.


Four kinds of boundary conditions are considered: 1) two profile no-flow boundaries (Neumann); 2) two lateral recharge boundaries (Dirichlet); 3) two lateral no-flow boundaries (Neumann); 4) two lateral boundaries of different types (recharge and no-flow).


a                b

c                d

Schematic cross-section (a) and plan view (b, c, d) of lateral and pfofile boundaries.

a – profile no-flow boundaries; b – lateral recharge boundaries; c – lateral no-flow boundaries; d – lateral combined boundary conditions.