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The "Classed post map properties" dialog box allows to find the maximal and minimal parameter value within the grid, group the values into classes (zones) and highlight them with color on the model.

- call button in the graphic editor window.



"Classed post map properties" dialog boxes.


Explanatory table

"Classes" tab

Window for displaying and editing the outlined zones

"" button

The number of the zone

"Minimum" column

Minimal value in the outlined zone (more than or equal to the prescribed value)

"Maximum" column

Maximal value in the outlined zone (less than the prescribed value)

"Color" column

Color of the outlined zone (double mouse click to change the color)

"Number of classes" text box

Enters the number of zones to be outlined: zones are both added and removed starting from the last one

"Calculation" tab

Prescribes the values and colors of outlined zones

"Values" frame

Prescribes values or calculate the outlined zones

 "Minimum" text box

Minimal value for zones calculation

 "Maximum" text box

Maximal value for zones calculation

 "Interval" text box

Parameter intervals for zone outlining. For zone automatic calculation ("Calculate classes" button) the interval is specified based on minimal and maximal parameter values and specified number of zones

 "Calculate classes" button

Automatically determines maximal and minimal values and calculates the interval

 "Multiplier" text box

The factor by which each successive interval is multiplied to make zones irregular (=1 for regular /equal/ zones)

"Color spectrum" frame

Assign color to the outlined zones. Either gradation between two colors is used or random color is assigned to each zone

 "From" button

Choose the first color for gradation

 "To" button

Choose the last color for gradation

 "Random colors" option

Option for assigning random color to each zone

"Enter classes" button

Displays the outlined zones ("Classes" tab) according to specified value intervals and assigned colors

"Apply to all time steps" option

Automatically calculates zones ("Calculate classes" button) and outline zones on the grid for all time steps. Is used only for output file