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Hydraulic conductivity

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Hydraulic conductivity

Hydraulic conductivity has dimensions of  "length/time". Time is expressed in units of days, hours, minutes or seconds. Length is measured in meters, centimeters, millimeters or feet.

Besides the above units, Meinzer units are included in the conversion table. These units are named after O. Meinzer and correspond to gallon/day/sq.m. 1 Meinzer is equal to water flow of 1 gal/day through an area of 1 sq.ft with a hydraulic gradient of 1 at a temperature of  60°F.


Tab "Hydraulic conductivity" of the dialog window "Unit converter (part 1)"


Conversion table of axillary units

1 m/d

= 3.28084 ft/d 24.54 meinzer

1 ft/d

= 0.3048 m/d 7.48 meinzer

1 meinzer

0.134 ft/d 0.041 m/d