Export to ANSDIMAT+

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Export to ANSDIMAT+

AMWELLS simulation results can be exported to ANSDIMAT+ using "Model/Analytical model/Create ANSDIMAT project" menu. This menu opens the dialog window "Create ANSDIMAT project"




List "Pumping wells"

Summarizes all production wells included in the current AMWELLS model

List "Observation wells"

Lists all existing boreholes (pumping and observations) that can be used as observation wells in ANSDIMAT+. Checkboxes allow selecting wells for ANSDIMAT+ import. At least one observation well has to be imported

Table "Time"

This table is automatically populated after the ANSDIMAT+ project is created (button "Create"). The table contains time measurements (dialog window "Wells and time measurements" and drawdown values for observation wells that are checked in the list "Observation wells"

Button "Create"

Creates an ANSDIMAT+ project and saves a new ANSDIMAT+ project (*.oat). It is important that this model is saved in its own specific file folder.

Use "File/Open" menu to open this file for interpretation in ANSDIMAT+

Button "Copy"

Copies table data on the clipboard