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Select time

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Select time

Prompts selecting time for distance-drawdown plots. The option can be accessed from the "Time" tab of the "Choose plot" window, menu “Choose > Time” or function keys Ctrl+F5.


"Choose plot" tabbed dialog; time.


Explanatory table

"Time" list

List of all times with measurements; ticking the box next to the time selects the corresponding observation; by default, time is measured in days

"Time step" list

List of times for which pumping rate is changing in step-function. This list applies to “drawdown-pumping rate” plots for interpretation of pumping tests with variable rates by the straight line method

"Power" text box

Specifies the power index for time-drawdown (s - tn) plots. ANSDIMAT uses the inverse of the specified number n as a power to time. For instance, n=2 corresponds to the square root of t. The default value is n = 1

"Dimension" list box

Selects the time units (day, hour, minute, second). ANSDIMAT displays time in the chosen units


Right mouse click on the time list will bring on the context menu


Explanatory table

Menu "Select all"

Selects all times

Menu "Deselect all"

Deselects all times

Menu "Invert"

Switches selection