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Aquifer test wizard (Editor mode). Assists in setting up a project for aquifer tests including pumping tests, recovery rests, slug tests etc. The wizard can be activated from the Editor window.

It consists of five steps for pumping test projects, three steps for slug test projects or four steps for natural fluctuations project (i.e. impact of river fluctuations on groundwater levels).


Step 1. Selection of test type, aquifer type, boundaries and units. Dialog window looks slightly differently for different selections.


Step 1. Start dialog window


Explanation table

List "Aquifer test"

Selects type of a test: pumping test, recovery test, slug test or natural fluctuations projects. Constant head test data are entered in extended Editor window

List "Aquifer type"

Selects a conceptual model: confined aquifer, unconfined aquifer or leaky aquifer. For slug tests and natural fluctuations projects a the conceptual model is selected on the next steps. More advanced conceptual models are available in the extended Editor window

List "Boundary condition"

Selects boundary types: infinite, semi-infinite and stripped aquifers. Other types of boundaries can be selected in the extended Editor window

Frame "Units"

Defines time and pumping rate units

List "Time"

Time units: days, hours, minutes, seconds. Absolute time (as date) can be entered in the extended Editor window

List "Rate"

Pumping rate units: м3/day, м3/hour, м3/min, м3/sec, l/day, l/hour, l/min, l/sec

Text box "m"

Requires thickness for a confined aquifer or saturated thickness for an unconfined aquifer. The thickness of the main aquifer (with pumping well) has to be entered for leaky aquifers