Choose conceptual model

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Choose conceptual model

The "Choose conceptual model" dialog box allows  defining the conceptual model and hydrodynamic boundaries for analysis and interpretation. Aquifers can be assumed to be infinite, semi-infinite or bounded in the horizontal or vertical plane. If the dialog box is launched from the Editor, the chosen model is saved in the input file. In other cases, when the conceptual model is selected during analysis (main menu "Choose > Model"), it used only for the current test analysis. The latter provides the opportunity to compare results obtained considering different models.


Dialog box "Choose conceptual model".


Explanatory table

"Conceptual model" tab

Choose conceptual model and boundary conditions

"Conceptual model" list

List of available conceptual models

"Boundary condition" list

List of available boundary conditions: constant head boundary (Dirichlet), barrier boundary (Neumann), combination of recharge and barrier boundary conditions. For example: I kind – semi-infinite aquifer with one constant head boundary, II-II kind – strip aquifer with two parallel barrier boundaries

"Boundary position" list

Specify areal or profile position of flow boundaries (for semi-infinite or bounded aquifers)

Button "<"

Moves between figures (if there are more than one)

Button ">"

"Information" tab

Brief information on the chosen conceptual model. This tab is enabled only in the Russian version of the program. A full description of each conceptual model can be accessed by pressing the "Help" button


 Some installation-specific settings may cause that the picture dimensions fall beyond the frame. To offset the figure use following key combinations:


Move down


Move up






Reset the figure


Left-mouse-click on the figure field displays the full-size figure. A new window will appear.